Language Of Light – Album Release *May 1, 2015


German award-winning producer Peter Ries opens the fourth chapter of an outstanding journey of sound.
Saint of Sin combines soundtrack, ambient/electronica music with the Language of Light, which is a formless
sound of voice, tone, spirit and production, that elevates consciousness beyond something that we can hear
and know, to something we can truly feel.

The powerful voices of Rasa Serra (Lithuanian folk,Enigma) and Irish singer Stellar (Language of Light…
and Great Pyramid recordings Egypt) guide you to a dimension never heard before.
Saint of Sin carries pure emotion and touches more and more people every day … all around the world.
Each track invites you to dive into the realms of the heart and to escape from the hurry of every day life.
No matter if you want to dream, meditate or dance.

Ease yourself back into consciousness!

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